Episode 1 - I Am an Agorist


What is agorism? What is counter-economics? What is the best use of our limited time here on earth?


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Hello, my name is Ryan and I am an agorist.

Have you ever stopped and asked, "What am I doing with my life? What am I spending my time on? Is it really benefiting me? Is it really benefiting my family? Or, is it benefiting somebody else?" You know, for years I called myself a libertarian. I called myself a voluntaryist. I called myself an anarcho-capitalist. I spent all this time reading books, supporting candidates, and helping with campaigns. I tried to educate people that I knew, friends and family, plus random people online. But, let me tell you, that didn't do squat. Looking back now, it looks to me like an almost complete waste of my time and energy. You want to know something? The best use of my time and energy is not worrying about what other people think, what they need, what the government wants or doesn't want from me. The best use of my time is on me, on my family, on what we need. On what's best for us.

These days, I call myself an agorist because I simply don't care about what the government has to say and I don't care about these stupid political processes which make the worst among us rich and powerful. What I care about is taking care of my family regardless of what anybody or any state has to say. The reality is that if people cared more about themselves and stopped caring about what the state has to say, the world would be a lot better place.

You know, you can be an agorist as well. The difference between agorism and anarcho-capitalism is that agorism actually provides a way forward and it is called "counter-economics."

Counter-economics is finding the things that you need for life outside outside of the state and outside of the state's systems. The idea is to find alternate and independent markets and sources for all of the essential things that we need in life so that if the government ceased to exist tomorrow, we wouldn't have to care and could instead just continue on with our lives.

Counter-economics isn't about black markets. It isn't about doing illegal activity. It is about doing what is right for you and your family regardless of what the state has to say about it.

So, if you collect rainwater, guess what? You're practicing counter-economics... You're an agorist! If you share files and code online without without caring about what the government says about it, you're practicing counter-economics. If you plant a garden in your front yard, you're practicing counter-economics. If you do your best to keep your money away from the government, you're an agorist practicing counter-economics. Truth is that everyone is an agorist in their own way. But, when you commit to that radical lifestyle, it's pretty amazing what can happen.

So, what you can expect from this show are short, regularly released episodes looking at topics from the news and from life experiences, all from the agorist perspective, always asking how can I better separate my life from the government? How can I stop worrying about what other people think, what other groups think, what the state thinks, and instead thinking about what's best for me and my family.

This is TechnoAgorist, episode 1.