Episode 53 - When a Feature Isn't a Feature

Both government and so-called private companies love playing with words, like when Apple recently announced new "features" which significantly harm user privacy and security.

Episode 52 - The One-Size-Fits-All Blockchain

Everyone seemingly has their favorite crypto project and blockchain. But, is there such a thing as a one-size-fits-all blockchain? Should there be?

Episode 51 - Mixed Signals

Many people are moving to Signal, the messaging application. But, how secure is it? Can we trust that messages sent on it will remain private?

Episode 50 - The Memory Hole

After decades of the almost completely free spread of information, the web has now become the center of history's greatest censorship battle. Don't let yourself be memory-holed.

Episode 49 - Crypto Is Money

People who think of cryptocurrencies as something to hold, something to invest in miss the point. Crypto is designed to do things that only crypto can do and its value is in its utility, in its use as money.

Episode 48 - Live Simply

My goal for 2021 is to live simply. This means focusing on the things which I value most and setting aside the things I don't.

Episode 47 - The What About Bobification of America

What About Bob was funnier when it was just a movie.

Episode 46 - Agorism as a Means, Not an End

When Samuel Konkin III described Agorism, he described it as a means toward an end. Agorist purists miss the point when they describe it as an end in and of itself.

Episode 45 - President Gilligan

Gilligan and the other castaways had a straightforward problem. They needed to dig a well. The funny thing is that their solution and the consequences of that solution are surprisingly relevant to our lives today.

Episode 44 - Do NPCs Dream of Electric Sheep?

I have always enjoyed Philip K. Dick's work and the movies based off of it. Recently, I found myself contrasting the real-life NPCs in the world today with the replicants portrayed in the movie Blade Runner.

Episode 43 - Broken Security Is No Security

The feds have once again demanded access to all encrypted data, whether through a front door or a back door. But, what really does this mean? How does this affect our data security?

Episode 42 - Whoever Wins... We Live

In case you haven't heard, there was a presidential election yesterday. They say it was the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME! Instead of freaking out, let's take a step back and check our perspective.

Episode 41 - Local Politics Is Still Politics

Many people think that local government is less bad, less destructive than higher levels of government. That just isn't the case and completely misses the real problem.

Episode 40 - $60 Keycaps

A world with $60 keycaps is better than any world designed by central planners.

Episode 39 - Submission Signaling

A lot has changed in the US over the last few months. Are you going to go with the flow and signal submission to the authoritarians? Or, are you going to stand for something more?

Episode 38 - Stop and Take a Breath

The world might be going crazy, but a pause for perspective keeps us sane in the midst of it.

Episode 37 - Waco pt. 3 of 3 Judgment Day (MLGA recast)

Two days ago was the 27th anniversary of the slaughter of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. Today, I am sharing the final episode of a three part miniseries about those events. It is a recast from the Make Liberty Great Again podcast. This will blow your mind.

Episode 36 - Waco pt. 2 of 3 Operation Showtime (MLGA recast)

Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of the slaughter of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. Today, I am sharing the second of a three part miniseries about those events. It is a recast from the Make Liberty Great Again podcast. Strap in, because this is going to hurt.

Episode 35 - Waco pt. 1 of 3 The Sinful Messiah (MLGA recast)

On today, the 27th anniversary of the slaughter of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, I wanted to share the first of a three part miniseries about those events. It is a recast from the Make Liberty Great Again podcast. This will blow your mind.

Episode 34 - Repugnant Industries and the Free Market

Having open, decentralized, free market solutions is a good thing, regardless of who utilizes them.

Episode 33 - Pornhub, Paypal, and Decentralized Services

PayPal recently cut off Pornhub from its service and consequently put the livelihoods of over one hundred thousand performers at risk. How did Pornhub respond? What can we learn from this?

Episode 32 - Politics Is Not the Answer

Thousands of people protest, yet the state doesn't care. Is politics the solution? Or, is politics actually the problem?

Episode 31 - Augmented Life

Whether you realize it or not, augmented reality is steadily growing and making its way into our lives. It will eventually open up incredible new possibilities for agorists and anyone else.

Episode 30 - Knowledge and Humility

No matter how much we know, there are always holes in our knowledge and understanding. It is essential that we always stay open to learning new things, even if it reveals that we were wrong about something.

Episode 29 - The Boogaloo

People are talking about the Boogaloo, but what is it? Should it scare us?

Episode 28 - The Meme War

We live in a connected world where information spreads like wildfire. In this connected world, memes have become more than just cute images to be shared among friends. They are tools to sneak truth into the public consciousness, and governments are beginning to dip their feet into that world. Could we be witnessing the beginning of the first meme war?

Episode 27 - Voting With Your Dollars

The market itself is amoral, it has no concept of right and wrong. We, meanwhile, have consciences which affect how we interact with the market. Some people use the violence of government to try and shape the market, others simply follow their own consciences.

Episode 26 - Aaron Swartz and Information Freedom

Aaron Swartz had a passion for the free and open exchange of information. He did what he knew was right, and modeled agorism in a powerful way.

Episode 25 - DNS Security

Seemingly everyone is interested in internet security. They want everything encrypted and secure. But, few people even give a thought to the DNS requests we send all day every day and which are still sent in plain text over the internet.

Episode 24 - Champions of Freedom

Who are our champions of freedom?

Episode 23 - The Ethereum Virtual Machine

What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine and how is it the perfect agorist tool?

Episode 22 - The Thin Line Between Private and Public

When businesses censor our speech and limit our freedoms, is it really fair to give them a pass because they are considered private companies?

Episode 21 - The Importance of Data Decentralization

Privacy goes hand in hand with autonomy. One strategy for protecting your personal information online is to decentralize your data.

Episode 20 - The Importance of Perspective

Perspective is critically important. Too few people realize that our inward state of mind is primarily determined by our perspective.

Episode 19 - Self-Education

Can you really be free if you don't know how to utilize the materials available around you to teach yourself?

Episode 18 - Democracy Is Slavery

Democracy is a popular concept that is often equated with freedom and equality. But, is that really fair? Might democracy just be another form of slavery?

Episode 17 - Attention Pollution and Self-Ownership

Does one person's preferences trump another person's right to their body?

Episode 16 - The Right Enemies

We often argue all day long over who is right and who is wrong. How do we know who are the right enemies to be fighting?

Episode 15 - Is Statism Pragmatic?

Statists will often say that they are just being pragmatic, and that is why they want the state to solve problems for them. But, is using the state to solve our problems really pragmatic?

Episode 14 - Transportation and Autonomy

These days, more and more teenagers are not interested in having cars and driving. Might this be a problem? Is it possible for you to be free if you can't transport yourself?

Episode 13 - Crypto... Better Than Gold?

Many people are quick to discount or dismiss cryptocurrencies in favor of gold. But, could crypto actually be a better currency?

Episode 12 - My DNA, My Choice

While governments are doing their best to collect every type of information on their citizens, countless people are willingly giving that information up. Should we be concerned about who we give our genetic information to?

Episode 11 - Measles and National Security

Joe Lieberman is back from neocon retirement to declare that measles is a national security threat. His proposed solution is for the government to invade the privacy and security of people's lives.

Episode 10 - Where We Can Be Free

All throughout history, people have searched for where they can be free. What are our options today? Where can we really find freedom at this point?

Episode 9 - My Organs, My Choice

For decades, there has been a shortage of human organs for transplant. What would happen if people were free to sell their organs?

Episode 8 - People Online and in the So-Called Real World

People complain that folks are fake online, implying that they are more honest in the so-called "real world." But, is that really the case?

Episode 7 - Violence, Rights, and Front Yard Gardens

Florida recently announced that they are GIVING Floridians the RIGHT to plant gardens in their front yards. But, is that really how rights work?

Episode 6 - Privacy Rights and Regulations

People are upset over how businesses are violating their privacy and are turning to government violence to fix these problems. But, who ultimately are hurt by these regulations, and who are helped by them?

Episode 5 - The Cancer of Absolutism

There is a cancer which infects many ideologies, even agorism.

Episode 4 - The Currency of Life

What is the most valuable limited resource in the world? Who should decide how that resource is used?

Episode 3 - Napster, File Sharing, and Private Property

In 1999, file sharing caught on like never before. Some people wanted to stop it while others thought it was the greatest thing since personal computers. But, how do property rights play into this?

Episode 2 - Tor and the So-Called Dark Web

What is Tor? What is the so-called dark web? Should we really be afraid of privacy?

Episode 1 - I Am an Agorist

What is agorism? What is counter-economics? What is the best use of our limited time here on earth?